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CAM 2010 Retreat:
Master Musician Retreat
June 18-20, 2010

Welcome to the Catholic Association of Music (CAM) website! CAM is an association of Catholic musicians, and their support organizations, who produce new inspirational and exciting music for, and  from, the Catholic Church of today's world.

We are not exclusively liturgical (church service music for liturgical churches), nor Christian Contemporary (CCM, and predominantly Evangelical Christian), but fall between these preexisting categories of Christian and Catholic music, while not excluding either. As such the music ranges from sacred music for private, and  extra-liturgical, use, to contemporary music for young adults and youth. Until now those engaged in this ministry have had no intentional support system within  the Church. CAM is attempting to meet this legitimate need in a way that works  with existing music associations within the Catholic Church and the overall Christian community.

Let me take this opportunity to welcome  CAM members seeking links to other members, and those simply interested in our  work as an association. Of course, we welcome any who wish to join us and qualify for membership.

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John Michael Talbot Troubadour For The Lord Brothers and Sisters  of Charity

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